Recording Fees and Guidelines

Recording Fee Schedule Standardization Requirements:

The basic fee for documents recorded in the office of the Effingham County Recorder includes a $12.00 recording fee, $28.00 Document Storage, GIS, and RHSP fee for a minimum of $40.00.

Standardization of Forms Legislation

    Public Act #87-1197, effective January 1, 1995
The Illinois Legislature has enacted a revision to the Recording Act (55 ILCS 5/3-5018), effective for documents dated after January 1, 1995, which provides for the standardization of recorded documents. Those documents recorded with dates subsequent to January 1, 1995, which do not conform to the new requirements, will require additional recording fees amounting to twice the base recording fee.
The following standards are required under the new law:
  1. The document shall consist of one or more individual sheets measuring 8½” X 11”, not permanently bound, and not a continuous form.
  2. The document shall be legibly printed in black ink, typewritten, or computer generated. Signatures and dates may be in contrasting colors as long as they will reproduce clearly.
  3. The document shall be on white paper of not less than 20# weight, and shall have a clean margin of at least ½” on all four sides.
  4. The first page of the document shall contain a blank space, measuring at least 3” X 5”, in the upper right corner.
  5. The document shall not have any attachment stapled or otherwise affixed to any page.
Any document dated after January 1, 1995 that does not conform to these standards shall not be recorded except upon payment of the additional non-standard fee.

Basic Fees

Minimum Fee (Includes 4 pages) $40.00 each
Additional pages $1.00 each
Instruments referred to by document #/book & page, without legal description $1.00 each
Additional document reference #/book & page, within instrument $1.00 each


Mortgages, agreements, extensions, releases, modifications, and assignments (Includes 4 pages) $40.00 each
Additional pages $1.00 each
Instruments referred to by document #/book & page, without legal description $1.00 each
Additional document #/book & page, within mortgage assignment $7.00 each


Releases with legal descriptions $40.00 each
Releases without legal descriptions $41.00 each
Releases with additional document #/book & page $1.00 each


Assignments of Mortgages, Leases, Liens (Includes 4 pages) $40.00 each
Additional pages $1.00 each
Additional document #/book & page within same mortgage assignment  $7.00 each
Assignments of oil, gas and mineral leases or liens (Includes 4 pages) $40.00 each
Additional pages $1.00 each
Additional document #/book & page within same assignment $1.00 each


Corporation records, reports, amendments, LTD partnerships, etc. (Includes 4 pages) $30.00 each


Ordinances (Includes 4 pages) $30.00 each
(Annexations, de-annexations require map/plats to accompany ordinance)  
Additional pages $1.00 each


Liens (Includes 4 pages) $40.00 each
Additional pages $1.00 each
Liens referred to by document #/book & page, without legal description $1.00 each
Effingham County Recorder will provide a copy of the recorded lien; the original must be kept on file.


Surveys are exempt from the new recording requirements with no additional fee for graphic displays measuring up to 11” X 17”

Surveys (no more than 2 lots) (11” X 17” maximum) $40.00 each
Oversized surveys – additional fee $1.00 each
Surveys as exhibits to deeds (legal description must match) (11” X 17” maximum) $1.00 each


Plats are exempt from the new recording requirements.
Plat certificates of subdivisions and/or condominiums (Includes first page only $78.00 each
- Mylar and three (3) copies of plat must be submitted and the Mylar must be kept on file. (maximum 30” X 36”)
Additional pages to subdivision plat (Includes certificate and resolution) $1.00 each
Additional pages to condominium plat, dimensions, elevations, units, etc. (Includes declaration/ownership) $1.00 each
- Amended or add-on condominium plats have the same requirements as plats.  

Miscellaneous Filings

Memorandum of Judgments and Releases $30.00 each
Lis Pendens Notices and Releases $40.00 each
Additional document #/book & page $1.00 each
Additional pages $1.00 each
Monument records $40.00 each
Notice of Probate $30.00 each
Veteran’s discharge records (DD214) (1 certified copy provided) No Charge
Additional Veteran’s discharge records (DD214) $1.25 each

Copy Fees

Copies – One (1) document (Includes 4 pages) $1.00 each
Additional pages $.50 each
Copies of plats $1.00 each
Copies of oversized plats (larger than 30” X  36”) $2.00 each
Copies of unrecorded papers/instruments (per page) $.25 each
Certified copies (Includes 4 pages) $12.00 each
Additional pages of certified document $1.00 each
Faxing of recorded documents (Includes 2 pages) $3.00 each
Additional pages faxed of same document $1.00 each

UCC/Financing Statements

UCC/Financing statements, continuations, amendments, partial releases are not filed at the County level.
Fixture filing in real estate records noted on UCC (Includes 4 pages – includes continuations, amendments, partial releases) $30.00 each
Additional pages of fixture filings $1.00 each
Fixture filing release and termination with legal description $30.00 each
Fixture filing release and termination without legal description $31.00 each

Search Fees

We do not provide land record searches
Memorandum of Judgment search (per name) $10.00 each
State lien search (per name) $5.00 each
Federal lien search (per name) $5.00 each
UCC /Financing Statement search (per name) $10.00 each