At this time we are recruiting members for the following teams.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Staff:  Our EOC is in need of a few good volunteers!  There are many different responsibilities assigned to the members of this team and they vary in training requirements and participation levels.  If you have clerical skills, impressive computer skills, or advanced social media skills, you could be an asset to this team!

Weather Spotters: You don’t have to leave your home in severe weather to be a severe storm weather spotter for Effingham County Emergency Management Agency.  We need trained weather spotters living in all areas of our County so no one needs to leave home to assist in providing a clear picture of any severe weather situation.  The Illinois Emergency Management Agency requests a situation report be submitted from our County during and after forecasted potentially dangerous weather.   In order to submit these reports, we require accurate information from all areas of the County regarding road conditions, storm damage, snow, ice, flooding etc. as well as immediate reporting of threats such as strong winds, hail and tornados.  If you are selected for this team, you will be asked to provide weather information from where ever you live or work in Effingham County during severe weather, whenever possible. The National Weather Service offers yearly severe weather spotter training in our County to teach us how to stay safe and possibly help others stay safe as well.


Four Wheel Drive Response:  This team could be called on to help with any number of things during an emergency in our County such as picking up and delivering food to shelters or helping emergency response personnel and volunteers get to work when weather conditions prevent them from getting there on their own.  This is a tough team to get on.  You must have a valid driver’s license, a four wheel drive vehicle and proof of vehicle insurance.  You must be at least 25 years old, have a squeaky clean driving record and impeccable references.  If selected for this team, you will likely only be called to help during emergency situations.  That makes this volunteer opportunity a small time investment to be an enormous help to our County during emergencies.

Generator Operations:

Rapid Needs / Damage Assessment:

Only applicants with a positive attitude and the ability to work well with others will be considered.

All applicants must consent to a background check before becoming a member of the Effingham County Emergency Management Agency.



For more information about becoming an Effingham County EMA Volunteer, email or call (217)540-1669.